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  • Which issue will my subscription start with and how many will I receive?

    The first issue of a print subscription is determined by our publishing schedule. It will start with the next issue that is released after the date of purchase. You’ll receive a total of four print magazines over the course of your subscription, receiving one every three months each year.

  • My subscription has ended. How do I renew?

    All orders placed after May 19, 2015 will automatically renew unless cancelled. If your initial order occurred before that date, please complete a transaction for a new subscription to renew. In order to cancel the auto-renew aspect of your subscription, simply log in and access the user menu from the toolbar on the top-right of the homepage. Select “View Order” and click “Cancel”, which will end the recurring payment but continue the subscription for the four issues for which payment has already been processed.

  • Can I gift a subscription?


    In the store portion of our site, choose the gift subscription option. The shipping and handling for the subscription will calculate at checkout ($20 for domestic, $40 for international destinations). When you place the order, make sure you input the recipient’s shipping address as the delivery address.  If you would like the subscription to only run for one year please follow the steps above after the order is placed to ensure the recurring payment is cancelled. For questions or assistance, email info@kinfolk.com.

  • For a subscription, can I pay month to month or do I have to pay for the whole year?

    At this time our processing is set up so you will be charged up front for the whole year.

  • What should I do if I don’t receive an issue?

    Please contact our customer service team at: sales@kinfolk.com.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    You may cancel a subscription at any time and receive a refund on any unsent issues. Please contact sales@kinfolk.com for assistance.