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June 2 / Shop
“Pieces are also selected from the quarry ‘graveyard’”

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Slate Company

Words by Jodi Murphy Photographs by Valery Rizzo

Brooklyn Slate Company is a purveyor of slate cheese boards, coasters and other fine items. 

Brooklyn Slate Company opened its doors in April of 2013 when Sean Tice and Kristy Hadeka discovered a slate quarry in a family property in upstate New York. They started finding many uses for the material they retrieved from the property: trivets for teakettles, hot dishes and coasters. They received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their friends who were given slate boards as gifts, which inspired them to create a line of slate products.

Sean and Kristy now return regularly to the rock quarry to handpick their favorite pieces of red and black slate. Pieces are also selected from the quarry “graveyard,” a collection of oddly shaped pieces. The slate is then transported to their studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where they cut and clean the pieces to ensure that food can be safely placed on the boards. They create the unfinished look by chipping the edges with a slate cutter and other tools, and they package the boards in small batches using burlap bags and envelopes.

The attention given to each detail in creating and presenting the slate products sets Brooklyn Slate Company apart from many other gift stores. They also host special Saturday events where you can try a sample cheese, jam, honey, crackers and similar treats.

305 Van Brunt Street  
Brooklyn, New York 11231

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