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March 4 / Restaurant
“The menu changes constantly to match what the farms have to order”

Portland, Oregon: Ned Ludd

Words by Joanna Han Photographs by Michael A. Muller

Enjoy seasonal, rustic dishes at American craft kitchen Ned Ludd.

Ned Ludd has been serving “Old World–style food with a modern approach” out of its woodsy space in Northeast Portland since December 2008. Equipped with just a single wood-fired oven and two-burner hot plate, the chefs produce simple, rustic dishes such as pastured lamb with long-cooked rapini, roasted radishes with sorrel almond pesto and brown butter and even pork noodle ramen “à la Ned Ludd.”

Divided by fresh and hot plates, the small menu refreshes weekly and is wonderfully simple. Owner Jason French works directly with the restaurant’s purveyors and producers to ensure the finest quality ingredients, and the menu changes constantly to match what the farms have to order.

Like everything at Ned Ludd, the beer, wine and cocktail menu shifts seasonally. Brunch is served on Sunday mornings and may include dishes such as fried polenta with charred rabes and duck egg, oven-roasted grapefruit with hazelnuts and coffee from Heart Roasters. There are always a handful of options to please vegetarian guests, and outdoor patio seating opens up when the weather’s pleasant.

3925 NE MLK Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97212

Telephone: 503-288-6900

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