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July 11 / Restaurant
“The Tasty menu is kind of like a road map to John’s life as a chef—every dish has a story”

Portland, Oregon: Tasty n Sons

Words by Joanna Han Photographs by Michael A. Muller

Enjoy some of the city’s best comfort food at Tasty n Sons.

Chef John Gorham and his wife, Renee Gorham, always felt that their neighborhood lacked a quality brunch spot, so one day in early 2010 they opened up one of their own.

“We wanted a place to dine during the day that offered the same quality of food and service you’d expect from a great dinner house,” says Renee. “Our goal was to create a casual atmosphere where everyone would feel comfortable passing plates and sharing family-style comfort food.” Known for its brunch but open all day for lunch, happy hour and dinner, Tasty n Sons has quickly become one of the city’s most popular restaurants. In early 2013, the Gorhams opened a second location downtown and named it Tasty n Alder, located in an excellent spot at the corner of 12th and Alder. “We wanted to bring a more approachable and fun steakhouse offering to downtown, so the dinner menu there focuses on steaks and chops.”

Both locations offer several Americana interpretations of international dishes, including the Korean-influenced John’s Breakfast bowl (house-made kimchi, sauteed vegetables, brown rice and sunny-side-up egg), the North African Sausage plate (over-easy egg, couscous and cauliflower) and Moroccan Chicken Hash (onion sour cream, over-easy egg—clearly you can top anything with an egg and turn it into a fantastic breakfast). “We’d consider ourselves a New American Diner, if we had to put a label on it.”

“The Tasty menu is kind of like a road map of John’s life as a chef—every dish has a story,” says Renee. Many of the plates were inspired by staff meals at Toro Bravo (the Gorhams’ popular tapas restaurant) and memories of Sunday dinners from home.

We’re big fans of the radicchio salad, the chocolate potato doughnuts and the low country hushpuppies (that jalapeño butter!). If you stop in for weekend brunch, have a coffee at Ristretto or spend time at charming home goods shop Ink & Peat next door while you wait for a table (reservations are only accepted during dinner). Children are always welcome all day, and both places can accommodate gluten-free, vegetarian and some vegan diets, though Tasty n Sons offers more vegetarian choices than Alder. “But both places are Tasty—that’s what we’re all about.”

3808 N Williams Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97212

580 SW 12th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205

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