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April 2 / Shop
“The next logical step for the farm was to open a brick-and-mortar store in Boston’s South End”

Boston: Siena Farms South End

Words & Photographs by Brian Samuels

Siena Farms South End carries the produce and dairy from Siena Farms. It has all the charm and freshness of a farmer’s market with the convenience of a year-round grocery store.

When I moved to Boston seven years ago (having grown up in New Jersey, not far from New York City), I was struck by how small the food scene was. For a region with such a plentiful supply of produce, I was disappointed by the lack of options for getting your hands on locally grown fruits and vegetables. There have been a number of changes over the last few years and one of the most striking has been the emergence of local farms who have really made an impact on this city.

One of the most successful has been Siena Farms, a 50-acre farm located just 25-miles west of Boston in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Having made its rounds to local farmer’s markets and with their enormously successful CSA program, the next logical step for the farm was to open a brick and mortar store in Boston’s South End, where they could sell their produce and dairy. At their shop, which is open year round, one can find locally foraged mushrooms, various types and colors of green beans, carrots, apples and fingerling potatoes. The staff is warm and well-informed, offering guidance on how to prepare their produce (a few of the vegetables, such as Dragon Tongue Beans, were foreign to me, but I was directed to try one raw and left with a bag to prepare for dinner).

A store like this makes me feel like I’m back home, walking the streets of New York, and there’s something in the spirit of Siena Farms that makes me optimistic that things are changing in this city.

113 Haynes Road
Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776

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