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April 3 / Places to Visit
“Highlights include the piping hot one bite foie gras cromesquis”

Edmonton: Three Boars

Words by Jessica Comingore Photographs by Zachary Ayottte

Three Boars is a restaurant worth visiting for its fresh ingredients, craft beer and extensive whiskey offerings.

An Albertan restaurant so busy that they often have to change their menu mid-service, Three Boars doles out dishes for the more adventurous eater, though a great part of their success lies in the pride and effort they put into using fresh ingredients from the local market and butchers. The team takes a weekly Saturday morning trip to Old Strathcona Farmers market to pick up local meat and vegetables to be incorporated into a three-part menu: bar snacks, rabbit food, and sharesies.

The restaurant has also been noted for its rustic interior, beautiful patio and large open windows that welcome in regular crowds of people, all anxiously awaiting a spot at one of their tables. Highlights include the piping hot one bite foie gras cromesquis, which explode liquefied goose liver.

8424 -109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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