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Coffee Brewing in the Great Outdoors

Words by Joanna Han Photographs by Tec Petaja

Heart Roasters’ Wille Yli-Luoma offers advice on making a great brew when you’re out in the wild. 

Wille Yli-Luoma is no stranger to the great outdoors. As a former professional snowboarder, the owner of Portland’s Heart Roasters has spent plenty of time in the mountains, and he can be found most weekends exploring the wild—the Oregon woods, the Columbia River Gorge and the Finnish Archipelago are his top spots. We asked Wille to share his favorite way to brew coffee while hiking, camping or picnicking. The slim mini Porlox hand grinder fits perfectly inside the AeroPress, making it ideal and portable brewing gear for any outdoor adventure.

Mini Porlex grinder
Propane extension
Filtered water
Paper filter
18 grams of coffee*
Coffee mug
Portable water boiler

1. Boil water and pour it through the paper filter to rinse out any paper flavors.

2. Weigh out and grind 18 grams of coffee beans and pour the grinds into the press over the filter.
Start timer and pour 270 grams of boiling water into the press, then and attach the plunger at the top to create suction to prevent coffee from dripping through the filter.

3. Wait 60 seconds, stir the coffee and put the top of the press back on for another 30 to 45 seconds.

4. Remove the top, give it a good stir and then insert the plunger and press.

*If you don’t have a scale, simply use the filter holder as a scoop to measure out the beans—this should hold more or less 18 grams. The recipe is designed to get as much coffee as possible out of one brew, so the AeroPress, when filled all the way, should equal approximately 270 grams.

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