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“Tobacco pipes are critical. Fingerless gloves are optional”

Essentials of Fall Camping

Words by Jason Hudson Photographs by Sarah & Chris Rhoads of We Are the Rhoads

A weekend with friends at a lake house or cottage can be a marvelous way to usher in and embrace the cooler days of fall. Follow these simple tips to guarantee a well-documented and aesthetically satisfying trip.  

Packing List
1. Visit your favorite local shop with companions to purchase coordinating clothing. Ensure there are no competing plaids or bossy colors.
2. Carefully wrap all of your tableware and vintage accessories, and place in a large suitcase.
3. Remember that when venturing into the forest, tobacco pipes are critical. Fingerless gloves are optional.

Stone Skipping
1. Find a large, calm body of water.
2. Photogenically toss a smooth, flat stone toward the lake while looking intensely handsome. Results unimportant.

Proper Canoe Techniques
1. Only participate should an attractive canoe be available. See also: hand-carved oars—while heavier, these photograph beautifully.
2. No other tips; just wing it.

Game Playing
1. The best amusements are those with neutral patterns, which won’t distract from the beauty of your surroundings. Grotesquely colored games, those fashioned out of plastic or the variety not recognized by our grandparents are strictly verboten.
2. Have fun!

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