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2015 gatherings

October 2014
- February 2015
0 locations

Our 2014 Kinfolk events consisted of two global gatherings held in over 25 locations worldwide. For our first gathering of the year, we celebrated our summer edition, The Saltwater Issue, by looking to the sea as our muse. Whether only yards from the shore or in a landlocked nation, we welcomed the season with a meal inspired by L’esprit de la Mer (the Spirit of the Sea) and the delectable and beautiful bounty the oceans provide. For our second gathering, we took inspiration from our autumn edition, the Imperfect Issue, for a series of wabi-sabi inspired events that embraced life’s unique qualities through innovative dishes and a respect for nature’s whims.

Thanks to all our hosts and partners who continue to make our Kinfolk community thrive—from Provence to Perth and everywhere in between. Kinfolk’s dinner series will continue in 2015 with increased frequency in big cities and small towns alike. Do check back with us for more information on upcoming events in the coming months. We hope you can join us at a Kinfolk event in your community very soon!

Event-related inquiries are warmly welcomed at: community@kinfolk.com

Photograph by Luisa Brimble