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“Never underestimate the quality of simple foods”

Holiday Health Rules

Words by Travis Rogers Photographs by Leo Patrone Styling by Nathan Williams

This time of year can be busy. Remember to take yourself less seriously, and your food more so.

1. Given the chance—say, at a holiday gathering—to play with younger cousins, children of your own or other young ones, do it wholeheartedly. Chase, get stuck on slides, lose at a game of tag—whatever it takes.

2. Anything that comes in a can or a box better not be the main dish.

3. Microwaves are boring. Use them less.

4. Incorporate a new activity into your holiday travel: swim in a crystal-blue lake, fly down a snowy mountain peak with nothing but a pair of undersize skis and a wild-eyed, I’m-here-to-raise-hell expression on your face.

5. Always keep learning, reading, striving to know the world: an active mind will require an active body to keep up with it.

6. Take up a winter sport from your childhood on a Saturday with friends, and find out whether you fall on your ass or find yourself  the complete king of the day.

7. Call, write, visit and talk to those that you love or those that inspire you: positive people will make you that much more excited to be around and healthy for 100 years.

8. Be around nature—after all, it’s shrinking every day. Listen to birds, play with your family pet, go on a trek to wild parts (besides the in-laws’).

9. Drive or walk to somewhere you love before the sun rises. Seeing a day unfold will stay with you, for a long time.

10. Always visit the produce aisle of the market where you shop, and try a new fruit or vegetable each time.

11. Never underestimate the quality of simple foods.

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