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Issue Six / Photo Essay

Holiday Vignettes

Photographs by John Troxel

A cherished holiday memory can act as a portrait of a person.

1. Amber Gibson
“I love the elegance of figure skating, and it is my favorite winter Olympic sport.”

2. Bryan Whitely
“My favorite holiday memory is when the family all comes together and we have a home-cooked meal. On Christmas Eve, we get two ornaments from my parents every year. The tree can barely hold them all and slightly leans to the right.”

3. Taylor Thornton
“Sipping cider during the holidays is my perfect way to warm up the most blustery of days.”

4. Alex Laniosz
“Stories, heirlooms and culture are what bring families together and make the holiday truly memorable. Christmas Eve visits to my grandmother’s were always filled with curiosity about the painted eggs and nesting dolls that decorated her mantel.”


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