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How to make a hammock

Words & Styling by Jen Vitale Photographs by Laura Dart

There is no better symbol of relaxation than the hammock. Follow our instructions on making an overhand knot hammock and then get a book and get lazing. 
Tape measure
600 feet of rope (the kind at the hardware store will do just fine). I recommend using rope that is thick enough to be sturdy but not so thick that your knots will be uncomfortable to lay on. For this hammock, I used a braided cotton rope that was 7/32 in thick.
  • Start off by measuring and cutting 24 strands of rope that are each 20 feet long.
  • Gather all 24 strands of rope on one end, and knot them all together, leaving about one foot of rope ends hanging from the top of your knot.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that you leave about two feet of space between the larger knot you’ve just made in step 2 and where you’ll start your first row of knots in step 4.
  • To begin, take the two strands of rope on your far left (strand 1 and 2), and tie them together using a simple overhand knot. Repeat this with the next two strands, and so on, making sure that your knots are all level with one another. You should start to see the beginning of your first row of knots as you work from left to right.
  • Once you’ve knotted the last two strands together on your far right (strand 23 and 24), it’s time to start on another row of knots.
  • Leave approximately 3 inches of rope below your last knot in the row above, and the knot you will now make using strands 22 and 23. Continue to knot every two strands of rope together, moving from right to left. Make sure each new knot is level with the one next to it.
  • When you reach the end of this row, knot strands 2 and 3 together, leaving strand 1 on its own.
  • Skipping down a row on strand 1, knot it together with strand 2. Now you’ve created the beginning of what will be another row of knots.
  • Keep knotting your strands together to create another row. When you reach strand 23 and 24, knot them together, skipping down a row on strand 24 as you did with strand 1.
  • Repeat steps 4-9, making sure to skip a row on either end when needed. Keep making rows of knots until you have about three feet of rope strand ends left.
  • Knot all 24 strands of rope together, leaving about two feet of rope between this knot and your last row of knots.
  • Trim excess rope on either end of your hammock.
  • Attach hammock ends to two trees in your backyard, on your porch or take it with you to lounge on your next camping trip!
Special thanks to Ace & Jig.

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