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Issue Eight / Mixtape

Summer Mixtape

Compiled by Bob Stanley Photographs by Parker Fitzgerald

Bob Stanley, music writer and member of the London pop group Saint Etienne, knows a thing or two about Japanese pop. Here are 16 of his top tunes.

This selection is made up of Japanese female vocal pop from the mid-’60s to the recent past. The oldest song is by Emy Jackson, who was born in Japan but raised in England; “Crying in a Storm” is from 1966. There’s a smattering of ’90s Shibuya-Kei sounds from Pizzicato Five and Kahimi Karie, whose “David Hamilton” was written by the rakish Momus. Plus, there’s a touch of fine Japanese indie by Teeny Frahoop and UK garage-influenced “pakuri pop” from M-Flo (warning: includes some male vocal). Enjoy!

Listen on 8tracks here.

01 Carmen Maki
“(Sometime I Feel Like) A Lonely Baby”

02 Kahimi Karie
“David Hamilton”

03 Emy Jackson
“Crying in a Storm”

04 Puffy Amiyumi
“Call Me What You Like”

05 M-Flo
“Miss You”

06 Halcali
“Candy Hearts”

07 Shiina Ringo

08 Pizzicato Five

09 Spoochy

10 Misswonda
“Love Fish”

11 Macdonald Duck Eclair
“The Yellow Go”

12 Jun Mayuzumi
“Black Room”

13 Teeny Frahoop
“Eat Candy”

14 Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
“Milk Tea”

15 Serani Poji
“Crème Brûlée”

16 Saori Yuki
“Yoake No Scat”

Bob Stanley writes for The Guardian and The Times in England, and his book Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop will be published by Faber & Faber in October. 


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