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Issue Eleven / Home Tours

The Kinfolk Home Tours: The Work in Progress

Photographs by Ditte Isager Styling by Nathalie Schwer


In this special section, we go beyond the welcome mats of a dozen houses from around the world. These spaces are bound to inspire you and offer variations on the many ways you can live within your own space.

THE WORK IN PROGRESS Strandboulevarden, Copenhagen, Denmark

Resident Niels Strøyer Christophersen
Occupation Creative director
Type of house Street-level apartment
Year built 1905

After growing tired of the gentrifying coolness of his former neighborhood, Niels found this historically protected ground-floor apartment in a family-dominated seaside suburb, full of fresh air and joggers running around lakes. It has dark green window frames outlining a light gray exterior—a typical style for Copenhageners—though the inside proved a great canvas for taking it in a very personal direction. Although described by the realtor as a renovation project, the house showed potential. Fully aware it would need work, he set about morphing its under-loved innards into his personal zone. “I wanted people to see every room like it was a small adventure,” he says. Wandering through the salvaged-material doorways around his home, visitors are often struck by the unfinished turquoise walls that are left bare with paintings leaning casually against the skirting boards. Niels got particularly lucky when it came to furniture: As the founder and creative director of his own design agency, he was lucky enough to have scored some collectible items along the way. “The contemporary pieces I have are very neutral in color, shape and materials, but they’re distinguished and sophisticated,” he says. “They blend in perfectly with my flea-market brass pieces and auction-bought vintage safari chairs by Kaare Klint.” He’s discovered that slowly gathering your favorite pieces over time is essential to interior decorating. “Try to see it as a process: It’s all right to wait for the right object to come instead of going to a warehouse and buying all of your furniture. Create a nice little museum of beautiful memories,” Niels says. Everything in his home is geared toward relaxing: He chose a bathtub over a shower, bookcases over a TV and treated his kitchen like a comfy couch. “It’s more like a piece of furniture that’s been transformed into a kitchen,” he says. Niels prefers choosing high-quality natural products that are simple and give off a timeless appearance. He advocates going for quality and not compromising on price, and if all else fails, grab the paint. “When you don’t have white walls, people will be impressed!” he says. “Kind of a joke, but also true.”


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