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Issue Eight / Contents

Kinfolk Issue Eight

Our eighth issue is a glimpse of Japan through the Kinfolk lens.

It highlights what we love about this unique country. We cast a wide net and narrowed our focus on Japan, whose culture seems to echo many of the same principles we try to live by. We are excited to share all the photographs, recipes, skills and ideas our contributors put together for this stunningly beautiful issue. This issue is a collaborative project that involved many artists who contributed essays, photographs, ideas, paintings and films. It features:

• Interviews with Eatrip’s Yuri Nomura, ceramic artist Ryota Aoki and Fog Linen’s Yumiko Sekine.
• Profiles of Oakland’s Ramen Shop, the duo behind L.A.’s Tortoise & Tortoise General Store, Tokyo Coffee Shops, Japanese expats in New York and Londoners outside a Japanese market.
• Photo essays include Escape to Kamakura and a super-kawaii family in Osaka.
• Recipes for Cherry Blossom Macarons with Black Sesame, Salt-Pickled Napa Cabbage, Wakame Cucumber Salad, Red Bean Mochi and Matcha.
• Harvest essays on green tea, wakame seaweed and wasabi.
• Instructions, practical skills and guides for learning shibori (hand dyeing indigo fabric); making origami paper blossoms; and creating beautiful floral arrangements using ikebana.
• Thoughtful essays on Japanese concepts such as wabisabimono no aware and ichi-go ichi-e; the ever-changing landscape of Tokyo’s architecture; Japanese gardens; comfort food; Japanese characters and a summer playlist.

“This issue is an ode to a country and culture we deeply admire. We don’t consider ourselves cultural experts—our approach has been smaller in scope and more intimate and personal. This issue is a glimpse of Japan through the Kinfolk lens; it highlights what we love about this unique country, including the basic values, skills and recipes that come together to form the beautifully simple lifestyle we know is worth exploring. It’s doubtful that any one person, team or country can take credit for creating a simple, balanced, grounded food lifestyle, but many of our Japanese friends are excellent contenders. We are eager to share all the inspiration, recipes and tips we have learned from them.” —Editor Nathan Williams

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