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Issue Five / Contents

Kinfolk Issue Five

The fifth issue of Kinfolk issue explores how refining our senses—taste, sight, sound, touch and smell—enriches the experiences we have with each other. Our autumn issue also delves into practical ideas and recipes for entertaining as the leaves begin to fall: herb drying at home, fall camping, meals to take surfing and new seasonal traditions.

The issue is a collaborative project that involved more than 50 artists who contributed essays, photographs, ideas, paintings and films. The issue offers practical ideas (such as Essentials of Fall Camping, Herb Drying, Autumn Traditions and The Perfect Cup), reflective essays (such as Stay in Bed, Homage to Cheese and Sharing Pesto) and many beautiful photo essays (such as Apron Recipes, In Search of Home, Leaving and Tactile Cooking). It also offers ideas and suggestions from experts such as Heidi Swanson and Jennifer Causey (Makers Project) and and recipes (such as Sweet Potato Butternut Squash Soup, Pear Tartlets, Pumpkin Butter, Lemon Spiced Pear, Cardamom Blossoms and The Lost Coast Menu, which includes Dutch Oven Corn Bread, Camping Chops, Spicy Bitter Dandelion Greens and Grão-De-Bico), as well as our usual coverage of small gatherings and Kinfolk dinners.

“We experience everything around us through our senses, and while this fall volume continues to share stories of entertaining, community and shared tables, it also explores ways to refine those senses, as a way to enrich the experiences we have with each other… You’ll notice that we have also decided to weave recipes throughout this and later volumes. We hope to share more meals together this autumn, and plan to heighten our sensory awareness of at least a few more details—the wonder contained at the table, in the outdoors, in the people around us.” —Editor Nathan Williams

Publication Design by Amanda Jane Jones
Cover Photograph by Tec Petaja
Cover Styling by Chelsea Petaja

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