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Kinfolk Saturdays: Flying High

Film by Andrew & Carissa Gallo of SeaChant.co Photographs by Michael A. Muller Music by Drew Thorson Sound Design by Clint Snow

Our Kinfolk Saturdays film series is all about giving you ideas for things to do on the weekends, inspiring you to try new things and making the most of your days off. This week we head up up and away in a beautiful balloon. 

The last thing you should do on weekends is go anywhere near an airport. Instead, perhaps you should fly high in a hot air balloon. Way back in 1783, the Montgolfier Brothers in Annonay, France, figured out how to send the first hot air balloon into flight by holding a flame near the opening at the bottom of a large, paper-lined silk balloon, causing it to lift into the air. We also advocate helicopter rides, air gondolas, blimps, zip lines, parasailing and jumping from tall cliffs into the sea. Try to fly! 

Thanks to the Balloon Flying Service of Oregon.  

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