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Issue Five / Photo Essay
“Not cilantro-smelling kisses, but a resourcefulness, an imagination”


Photographs by Kathrin Koschitzki Words by Nikaela Marie Peters

A photo essay by Kathrin Koschitzki with a leafy theme. 

Everything is not always as it seems. Notice the patterns, stories and movement going on around you. When you start your day tomorrow, imagine each place you visit is new; use all of your senses, and find a different world.

“There is a character named Rafael in Michael Ondaatje’s Divisadero who has a passion for cilantro. ‘His pockets always held a few herbs, basil or mint, so he could rip off a heel of bread and create a meal wherever he was.’ The space between him and his lover, before they’d kiss, filled always with the smells of his shirt pockets. This is part of what attracted her to him. Not cilantro-smelling kisses, but a resourcefulness, an imagination. His meals depended not on a table, but on available ingredients and amount of light. He ate on trains, in valleys, by streams and under trees. There is a romance in this. For where we eat and cook, we are at home. The wider our variety of eating places, then, the bigger our home.”

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