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Issue Five / Entertaining Ideas,List

My Autumn Pantry

Words by Heidi Swanson Photograph by Alpha Smoot

Heidi Swanson made a list of every essential item she needs to stock up on for fall. 

Every cook has a favored season, and although I can mount a mighty compelling argument for spring, summer, autumn and winter, the one for autumn rings most true. Shorter days, colder nights, an oven baking and broiling at full tilt, a heavy pot of stew on the burner—it’s a wonderful scene to settle into each year.

Here’s what I keep at the ready…
• Honeycrisp Apples
• Brussels Sprouts
• Quince
• Pomegranates
• Delicata Squash
• Sunchokes
• Farro
• Oatmeal
• Wild Rice
• Homemade Piecrusts
• Loose Leaf Tea
• Cast-Iron Pans
• Family-Size Soup Pot
• Cookie Sheets
• Vintage Cake Pans
• Thermos
• Beeswax Candles
• Vintage Cookbooks

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