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Our Favorite Aprons

Words by Joanna Han Photographs by Tec Petaja

It’s always more fun to bake or cook with a well-made apron tied around your waist. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Fog Linen Work
When Tokyo-based Yumiko Sekine discovered that no one was making the affordable, everyday linens she remembered from her childhood, she set out to make her own. Designed in Japan and produced in Lithuania, Yumiko’s kitchen linens, tablecloths and aprons are beautiful, simple objects made for everyday use.

2. West Elm
West Elm’s new branch, West Elm Market, focuses on selling specialty products and “tools to make work wonderful.” Among them are the loveliest aprons in soft chambrays, pale reds and off-whites with generous pockets for spoons, spatulas and recipes.

3. Small Batch Production
New York–based Claire Tipley designs and sews tea towels, napkins and aprons in lovely colors, patterns and neutrals. While her linens are built to last and last, they’re also entirely compostable.

4. Cooking Gorgeous
This British company’s aprons and kitchen linens are designed and made in England with 100 percent natural fabrics and come in a variety of sizes for men, women and children.

5. Yokoo
Atlanta-based designer Yokoo Gibraan is known for her line of wonderfully chunky, neutral-colored cold-weather knitwear. Her playful, perfectly styled product photography features her signature mushroom hair and quirky eyeglasses. Yokoo has created a charming new sister line, Mother, which offers an array of cotton and linen jumpers, collars and aprons.

6. West Elm

7. Brook Farm General Store
Modeled on New York City’s traditional general stores, Williamsburg’s Brook Farm General Store sells well-made items from around the world. This apron from their own line, Tourne, is designed to be unisex and multi-functional and comes in a strong and sturdy medium-weight canvas.

8. Vanport Outfitters x Hand-Eye Supply
Hand-Eye Supply is a shop for “creative types” that provides basic tools for creative work in the shop or studio. Vanport Outfitters creates quality canvas bags that celebrate “a classic look designed for a modern lifestyle.” The two companies have collaborated to create a durable, high-quality work apron, designed and made in Portland, Oregon—and it’s been so popular that it’s sold out, but equally handsome ones can be found at their shop.

Special thanks to our friends at West Elm, Tobias at Hand-Eye Supply and Charlotte at Palace for prop loans.

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