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In Praise of Slowness: Cabeça da Cabra, Alentejo, Portugal

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July 2015


“Tempted and titillated at every turn, we seek to cram in as much consumption and as many experiences as possible. As well as glittering careers, we want to take art courses, work out at the gym, read the newspapers and every book on the bestseller list, eat out with friend, go clubbing, play sports, watch hours of television, listen to music, spend time with the family, buy all the newest fashions and gadgets, go to cinema, enjoy intimacy and great sex with our partners, holiday in far-flung locations and maybe even do some meaningful volunteer work. The result is a gnawing disconnect between what we want and what we can realistically have, which feeds the sense that there is never enough time.” – Carl Honoré, In praise of Slowness

We will gather in Cabeça da Cabra, surrounded by Alentejo meadows with the smell of the ocean, starting with informal conversation with Margarida Fernandes of MF Ceramics and Maria Santos of Cabeca da Cabra, creatives who embrace slow living in their  everyday life. Conversation will continue around the table where we will enjoy a meal made by Filipe Frazao of Chilli com Todos from local and seasonal ingredients. Afterwards we will learn a ritual of coffee preparations by Copenhagen Coffee Lab.


Host: Little Upside Down Cake

Venue: Cabeça de Cabra
Lugar da Cabeça da Cabra , Porto Covo, 7520-409 Portugal
  • - In Praise of Slowness: Cabeça da Cabra, Alentejo
    Host: Little Upside Down Cake / Location: Lugar da Cabeça da Cabra, 7520-409 PORTO COVO / Date & Time: Saturday, July 4th 18:00 - 23:00
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