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Kinfolk Saturdays: Swimming in Wild Waters

Film by Andrew & Carissa Gallo of SeaChant.co Photographs by Carissa Gallo Music by La Liberte

Our Kinfolk Saturdays film series is all about giving you ideas for things to do on the weekends, inspiring you to try new things and making the most of your precious days off. This week we plunge into gray-green water and watch the summer sun flicker overhead.  

There’s something about leaping off a cliff into untamed waters that cannot be imitated in the community pool. For one, there is an element of uncertainty. Of how you will fall, land and what lies beneath the surface of those murky waters. Chlorine has stifled and confined our ability to fully embrace the art of swimming in all its glory. As temperatures rise, the summer season beckons us to venture out to the river’s edge and ocean’s shores. This call should not be ignored. By immersing into wild waters, you surrender to your senses. To feel that chill in your bones or moss between your bare toes, to hear a soft ripple or loud splash, to lose vision in that green-blue expanse. In a sense swimming strips us down, tunes out the busyness of our everyday lives and provides a weightless escape. Take to the outdoors and jump in.

The film and photographs were shot at Dougan Falls along the Washougal River.

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