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Issue Seven / Gathering
“Hesitant strangers in the morning were friends breaking bread around the table by dinnertime”

Kinfolk Dinner: Toronto, Canada

Words by Julie Pointer Photographs by Mjölk

The Kinfolk Dinner Series headed to the Georgian Bay, a welcome escape for Toronto dwellers, where chefs, makers and others converged at a lakeside cottage for baked goods, chocolate, cheese and fish.

Our gathering in the town of Tiny on the Georgian Bay of Ontario, Canada, was a welcome midsummer escape for Toronto dwellers. A small group of makers, chefs, artisans, shop owners and photographers converged at a lakeside cottage for an entire day, with only the conviction set before us to enjoy one another’s company and to eat well. We prepared food together, swam, lounged on the deck, wilted in the heat and feasted—three separate times. The occasion proved rightly that experiences shared and tasks enacted together—even over the course of a mere day—lay the groundwork for lasting relationships and the tying of common bonds. Hesitant strangers in the morning were friends breaking bread around the table by dinnertime. The day was made complete by the generous provisions of both those local to the Bay and to Toronto, ensuring that we had enough baked goods, chocolate, cheese, fish and fresh produce to last us days at the water’s edge—if only we had been so lucky.

A special thanks to our dinner partners Bellwoods Brewery, Coriander Girl, Domestic Curater, Fresh City Farms, Herriott Grace, HOI BO Studio, Kips, La Merceria, Melinda Jose, Mjölk, Silverplate Press, Soma Chocolatemaker, Steven Alan, Stoney Lake Baking Co., West Elm, Whole Foods and Your Time Boutique.

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