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  • Seattle: Peter Miller Architecture

    Peter Miller Books is filled with sleek writing utensils, Finnish housewares, calendars, clocks and design books of all kinds.

  • Osaka: Graf

    An interview with Shigeki Hattori, creative director and one of six founders of the shop-studio-coffeehouse Graf.

  • Paris: Holybelly

    Holybelly is raising the bar for quality food and coffee in the 10th arrondissement.

  • Santa Cruz: Verve Coffee

    An interview with Colby Barr, the café’s co-owner and green coffee buyer.

  • London: Labour and Wait

    If Kinfolk were a shop, it would want to be just like Labour & Wait in East London.

  • Melbourne: Heide Museum of Modern Art

    Heide Museum of Modern Art combines contemporary art, architecture, gardens and coffee into what is a lovely way to whittle away your afternoon.

  • San Francisco: March

    If only we could have kitchens that are exact replicas of this beautiful Pacific Heights shop.

  • New York: Root & Bone

    We interview chef-owners Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth about Root & Bone, a Southern neighborhood restaurant that focuses on timeless country comfort food.

  • Portland, Oregon: Table of Contents

    Shop clothing, furniture and hard-to-find magazines.

  • San Francisco: Song Tea & Ceramics

    A visit to this quiet gem on Sutter Street transcends the mechanical interaction of ordering and paying for a drink from across a counter.

  • Gothenburg: Fabriken

    We interview Louise Friestedt, who runs the cozy home design shop Fabriken with her husband, Johan Larsson.

  • Vancouver: Old Faithful Shop

    An interview with Walter Manning, co-owner of Old Faithful Shop, a modern take on the old general store in Vancouver’s Gastown area.

  • Vancouver: Le Marché St. George

    An interview with Janaki Larsen, who runs this lovely shop and café in the Riley Park neighborhood of Vancouver, BC.

  • Copenhagen: Paté Paté

    We chat with Kenn Husted, owner of Paté Paté, which is famous for Spanish- and French-inspired cuisine and—you guessed it—pâté.

  • Detroit: Astro Coffee

    An interview with Dai Hughes, who owns Astro Coffee with his wife, Jess Hughes.

  • London: Toast

    We speak with with James Seaton, one of the founders of Toast, about the company’s growth, the latest collection, what inspires him and the recently renovated Chelsea location.

  • Copenhagen: Kompa’ 9

    A chat with Rasmus Damsbo, who runs the popular café Kompa’ 9 and Kaf’ Bar 9 with his business partners Tobias Helweg and Mikkel Bang.

  • Copenhagen: The Coffee Collective

    We talk to Klaus Thomsen, a cofounder of one of our favorite coffee shops in the Danish capital.

  • Philadelphia: Art in the Age

    An interview with the creative director and manager of Art in the Age, a shop and gallery that also makes its own organic spirits.

  • Nashville: Pinewood Social

    We interview Ben and Max Goldberg, the innovative brothers behind the charming southern comfort food bar/bowling alley Pinewood Social.

  • London: Folklore

    Located on Upper Street in Islington, Folklore is a home and lifestyle store that fully embraces the idea of “better living through design.”

  • Chicago: Independence

    We talked to George Vlagos about his shop Independence, its down-to-earth Midwestern ethos and his beloved regular customers.

  • London: St. John Bread and Wine

    We chat with London luminaries Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver about the St. John restaurants they started together.

  • Nashville: Imogene & Willie

    We check in with Carrie and Matt Eddmenson, the couple behind the popular denim brand and clothing store in a former gas station in the 12South neighborhood.

  • Stockholm: Drop Coffee

    We chat with Joanna Alm, the sweet and hospitable co-owner of Drop Coffee, about Swedish coffee culture and life in Stockholm.

  • Charleston: Chez Nous

    A chat with Fanny Panella, who runs the restaurant Chez Nous and the wine and cheese bar Bin 152 with her husband, Patrick.

  • Osaka: Bird

    An interview with the owner of Bird café and TRUCK furniture.

  • San Francisco: Heath Ceramics

    We interview the design team behind the West Coast mini-chain Heath Ceramics.

  • Chicago: Plein Air Café

    An interview with the folks behind the French-inspired Plein Air Café in Chicago’s Hyde Park.

  • Philadelphia: One Shot Coffee & Café

    An interview with the owners of One Shot Coffee in Philadelphia.

  • London: Daunt Books

    An interview with James Daunt about his bookshop on Marylebone High Street.

  • San Francisco: Unionmade

    From woolly, flecked Belgian sweaters to handsome American-made button-down shirts, Unionmade presents everything a stylish fellow could want in his wardrobe.

  • Oslo: Tim Wendelboe

    We visit the revered espresso bar and micro-roastery Tim Wendelboe in the Grünerløkka neighborhood.

  • San Francisco: Taylor Stitch

    You’ll feel right at home when you walk into this shop (and probably leave a little later with a perfectly fitted shirt).

  • San Francisco: Linea Caffe

    We’d have espresso and waffles at this snug little café every day if we could.

  • San Francisco: Mission Cheese

    This part-market, part-café is a dream shop for any cheese lover.

  • Tokyo: Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers

    We spoke with Seita Fukui, founder of Tokyo’s Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers, which locals know as SPBS.

  • Melbourne: Auction Rooms

    We head to North Melbourne for a visit with Andrew Kelly, owner of the much-loved café Auction Rooms.

  • Seattle: Bar Sajor

    An interview Chef Matt Dillon (winner of the Best Chef Northwest James Beard Awards 2012) about Bar Sajor, a beautifully curated bar and restaurant in Pioneer Square.

  • Kyoto: Keibunsha Books

    An interview with Atsushi Horibe from Keibunsha Books.

  • Los Angeles: Poketo

    We could spend hours browsing books, stationary and colorful design objects at Poketo, one of our favorite Los Angeles shops.

  • Austin: Easy Tiger

    We chat with Andrew Curren and David Norman about taking risks, building community and making some of the best pretzels you can find outside Germany.

  • Tokyo: Life Son

    We interviewed Shoichiro Aiba, the managing chef and owner of Life Son, which serves “bread and mountain dishes.”

  • Nashville: Josephine

    An interview with Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, founder of the adored Nashville eatery Josephine on 12th.

  • Tokyo: Tembea

    An interview with Atsushi Hayasaki, the owner and designer behind Torso Designs and Tembea the shop.

  • Seattle: Oddfellows Café & Bar

    We chat with Seattle luminary Linda Derschang, who always seems to know what the city wants next, about her bustling Capitol Hill restaurant.

  • Los Angeles: Reform School

    This Silver Lake shop stocks all that is small-batch, sustainable, artist-made and beautiful.

  • Tokyo: Tarui Bakery

    An interview with Hayato Tarui, the baker/owner behind Tarui Bakery in Tokyo.

  • Denver: Winter Session

    We speak to Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher, the proprietors behind Winter Session, whose mission is to design and produce thoughtful, well-made things in a responsible manner.

  • Tokyo: Tas Yard

    We interviewed Shinichiro Nakahara about Tas Yard, the kissaten-style eatery he owns in the Sendagaya neighborhood.

  • Seattle: The Walrus and the Carpenter

    We can’t think of a better way to spend a late afternoon in Seattle than sipping cold drinks and slurping up fresh oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter.

  • Brooklyn: Four & Twenty Blackbirds

    An interview with one of the South Dakota sisters behind the popular pie shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

  • Helsinki: Freese Coffee Company

    Freese Coffee Company is a noteworthy new coffee shop in the Finnish capitol.

  • Los Angeles: General Store

    We chatted with Hannah Henderson from the Venice location about the shop’s aesthetic, customers and the products it sells.

  • Berlin: Do You Read Me?!

    We never leave Berlin without a stack of new reading material for the flight home from Do You Read Me?!

  • Los Angeles: Individual Medley

    This lovely shop in the Atwater area of Los Angeles stocks pretty clothing, accessories, gifts, cards, beauty products and home goods.

  • Chicago: Longman & Eagle

    A great place to eat, drink and then immediately fall into bed, L&E has an extensive craft cocktail menu and an upstairs inn with six rooms for sleepovers.

  • New York: Freemans Sporting Club

    An interview with the founder of the bespoke, locally constructed men’s clothing store Freemans Sporting Club.

  • Los Angeles: Berlin Currywurst

    Serving up sausages, fries and craft beers, Berlin Currywurst is the first German street food snack bar to hit Los Angeles.

  • Seattle: Glasswing

    We feel right at home at Glasswing, purveyors of clothing, books, furniture and home goods representing all things Pacific Northwest.

  • Los Angeles: Proof Bakery

    An interview with Na Young Ma, the chef/owner of Proof Bakery in the Atwater Village neighborhood.

  • New York: Freemans

    We chat with one of the founders of Freemans Restaurant, one of Gotham’s finest rugged clandestine American taverns.

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Lantern

    An interview with Andrea Reusing, James Beard-winning chef at Pan-Asian restaurant and bar Lantern in the North Carolina college town.

  • Los Angeles: Moon Juice

    An interview with Moon Juice owner Amanda Bacon.

  • Chicago: Heritage General Store

    Bike’s got a flat? Head here to get some quality coffee and baked goods while you get your flat fixed (or buy a new handmade bike)!

  • Minneapolis: Bachelor Farmer

    An interview with the folks behind the Bachelor Farmer, a Nordic-inspired spot in a very old warehouse in the North Loop neighborhood.

  • San Francisco: Dandelion Chocolate

    We head to the Mission District to visit small-batch chocolate purveyors Dandelion Chocolate.

  • Northampton: Kestrel

    Inspired by the natural world and good design, Kestrel is a modern, minimal home goods and accessories shop in Western Massachusetts.

  • Melbourne: Seven Seeds

    Don’t leave Melbourne without a visit to café and roastery Seven Seeds.

  • Brooklyn: Bklyn Larder

    There are so many possible items out there in the world to put in your pantry: Bklyn Larder narrows them down for you.

  • Melbourne: Woodsfolk Family Store

    The colorful, crafty shop the Woodsfolk collects a fresh batch of goods from local and global designers.

  • Osaka: TRUCK

    An interview with furniture designer Tokuhiko Kise of TRUCK.

  • Tokyo: Beard

    We interview chef Shin Harakawa, who brings a relaxed vibe, an ever-changing menu and his worldly experience to the Tokyo hotspot Beard.

  • Santa Cruz: The Penny Ice Creamery

    We’re always on the lookout for ice cream visionaries: say hello to Santa Cruz’s Penny Ice Creamery.

  • Oslo: Java Espressobar og Kaffeforretning

    A leading specialty café in the competitive Nordic coffee city.

  • Portland, Oregon: Alder & Co.

    A beautiful, airy shop with a little bit of everything.

  • Portland, Oregon: Pistils Nursery

    Pistils Nursery has long been an excellent resource for the city’s plant lovers and urban homesteaders.

  • Oakland: Book/Shop

    We got to talk with Erik Heywood of Book/Shop about bending boundaries in the realm of book selling.

  • Portland, Oregon: Whiskey Soda Lounge

    Across the street from Pok Pok sits Whiskey Soda Lounge, home to Pok Pok’s customers in waiting and prep kitchen, and purveyors of wonderful drinking food from Thailand.

  • Portland, Oregon: Salt & Straw

    A profile of Portland’s best loved ice cream parlor: Salt & Straw.

  • Austin: Spartan

    We chatted with Currie Person, the owner of Spartan.

  • Portland, Oregon: Sweedeedee

    An excellent spot for coffee and a slice of pie.

  • Toronto: Bakerbots

    We chatted with Roseanne Pezzelli about her popular bakery.

  • Portland, Oregon: Bollywood Theater

    We chat with the chef and owner of our favorite Indian restaurant in the city.

  • Copenhagen: Democratic Coffee Bar

    We interview Oliver Oxfeldt, owner of this specialty coffee shop inside the Copenhagen Main Library.

  • Nashville: Rolf & Daughters

    Enjoy simple European-inspired fare at Rolf & Daughters.

  • Portland, Oregon: Beam and Anchor

    A trip to Portland isn’t complete without a visit to this excellent shop.

  • Oslo: Supreme Roastworks

    An excellent coffee roastery and café in Grünerløkka.

  • Stockholm: Betonggruvan

    Find everything from flower vases to concrete tables at this charming Vasastan shop.

  • Helsinki: Good Life Coffee

    An interview with Good Life Coffee’s Lauri Pipinen.

  • Sydney: Youeni Foodstore

    Sydney’s health-conscious can head to Youeni Foodstore for delicious, high-quality dishes.

  • Portland, Oregon: Canoe

    Canoe is a dream shop for the design-minded.

  • Charleston: Indigo & Cotton

    Find clothing and goods by Engineered Garments, Apolis and Howlin’ by Morrison at excellent menswear shop Indigo & Cotton.

  • Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly

    Find comic books, graphic novels, magazines and more at Librarie Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore.

  • Berlin: Aunt Benny

    Enjoy simple, no-fuss dishes at this impeccably designed Berlin café.

  • Copenhagen: Mikkeller & Friends

    We visited Mikkeller & Friends, the excellent new beer bar in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

  • Sydney: Pasta Emilia

    We interviewed Anna Maria Eoclidi, co-owner of Sydney’s well-loved pasta shop and café Pasta Emilia.

  • Seattle: Analog Coffee

    We interviewed Danny Hanlon of Seattle’s Analog Coffee, a neighborhood gem in Capitol Hill.

  • Toronto: Likely General

    Find handmade goods and knick-knacks from this small new neighborhood shop.

  • Seattle: Milstead & Co.

    We interviewed Andrew Milstead, the owner of Seattle’s excellent multiroaster coffee shop Milstead & Co.