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  • Tokyo: Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers

    We spoke with Seita Fukui, founder of Tokyo’s Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers, which locals know as SPBS.

  • Tokyo: Life Son

    We interviewed Shoichiro Aiba, the managing chef and owner of Life Son, which serves “bread and mountain dishes.”

  • Tokyo: Tembea

    An interview with Atsushi Hayasaki, the owner and designer behind Torso Designs and Tembea the shop.

  • Tokyo: Tarui Bakery

    An interview with Hayato Tarui, the baker/owner behind Tarui Bakery in Tokyo.

  • Tokyo: Tas Yard

    We interviewed Shinichiro Nakahara about Tas Yard, the kissaten-style eatery he owns in the Sendagaya neighborhood.

  • Tokyo: Beard

    We interview chef Shin Harakawa, who brings a relaxed vibe, an ever-changing menu and his worldly experience to the Tokyo hotspot Beard.

  • Tokyo: Instant Extraction

    Spotlight on five of our favorite coffee shops across Tokyo.