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  • Paris: Holybelly

    Holybelly is raising the bar for quality food and coffee in the 10th arrondissement.

  • Santa Cruz: Verve Coffee

    An interview with Colby Barr, the café’s co-owner and green coffee buyer.

  • Melbourne: Heide Museum of Modern Art

    Heide Museum of Modern Art combines contemporary art, architecture, gardens and coffee into what is a lovely way to whittle away your afternoon.

  • Vancouver: Le Marché St. George

    An interview with Janaki Larsen, who runs this lovely shop and café in the Riley Park neighborhood of Vancouver, BC.

  • Detroit: Astro Coffee

    An interview with Dai Hughes, who owns Astro Coffee with his wife, Jess Hughes.

  • Copenhagen: Kompa’ 9

    A chat with Rasmus Damsbo, who runs the popular café Kompa’ 9 and Kaf’ Bar 9 with his business partners Tobias Helweg and Mikkel Bang.

  • Copenhagen: The Coffee Collective

    We talk to Klaus Thomsen, a cofounder of one of our favorite coffee shops in the Danish capital.

  • Stockholm: Drop Coffee

    We chat with Joanna Alm, the sweet and hospitable co-owner of Drop Coffee, about Swedish coffee culture and life in Stockholm.

  • Oslo: Tim Wendelboe

    We visit the revered espresso bar and micro-roastery Tim Wendelboe in the Grünerløkka neighborhood.

  • San Francisco: Linea Caffe

    We’d have espresso and waffles at this snug little café every day if we could.

  • Melbourne: Auction Rooms

    We head to North Melbourne for a visit with Andrew Kelly, owner of the much-loved café Auction Rooms.

  • Helsinki: Freese Coffee Company

    Freese Coffee Company is a noteworthy new coffee shop in the Finnish capitol.

  • Chicago: Heritage General Store

    Bike’s got a flat? Head here to get some quality coffee and baked goods while you get your flat fixed (or buy a new handmade bike)!

  • Melbourne: Seven Seeds

    Don’t leave Melbourne without a visit to café and roastery Seven Seeds.

  • Oslo: Java Espressobar og Kaffeforretning

    A leading specialty café in the competitive Nordic coffee city.

  • Copenhagen: Democratic Coffee Bar

    We interview Oliver Oxfeldt, owner of this specialty coffee shop inside the Copenhagen Main Library.

  • Oslo: Supreme Roastworks

    An excellent coffee roastery and café in Grünerløkka.

  • Helsinki: Good Life Coffee

    An interview with Good Life Coffee’s Lauri Pipinen.

  • Seattle: Analog Coffee

    We interviewed Danny Hanlon of Seattle’s Analog Coffee, a neighborhood gem in Capitol Hill.

  • Seattle: Milstead & Co.

    We interviewed Andrew Milstead, the owner of Seattle’s excellent multiroaster coffee shop Milstead & Co.

  • Seattle: Slate Coffee Roasters

    Enjoy an espresso at this sleek new Ballard coffee shop.

  • Austin: Flat Track Coffee

    Enjoy a perfect cappuccino at this minimalist coffee shop.

  • Tokyo: Instant Extraction

    Spotlight on five of our favorite coffee shops across Tokyo.

  • Portland, Oregon: Heart Roasters

    A popular coffee shop and roastery in the heart of Portland.