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A Cinema in

The artist Yto Barrada on co-founding a cinema for the city that inspires her art. Words by Aida Alami. Photography by Emma Trim & Karima Maruan.

Yto Barrada discovered the magical world of film when she moved with her mother to Tangier at the age of seven. As a child, she often went to Cinema Lux, located in the city center, where the projectionist would let her sit on a chair beside him to watch a movie.

Some decades later, Barrada, who is now a successful multimedia visual artist, still enjoys watching films from the projection box.1 But today, she is doing so in a cinema she revived and saved from the neglect afflicting theaters across Morocco. Located in the old part of Tangier, a city on the tip of the African continent, Cinémathèque de Tanger is an art space that is unique in Morocco. Not just a movie theater, but also an art gallery and


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