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  • Arts & Culture
  • Issue 35

Meet Ai-Da. She’s a promising young artist who’s earned a million dollars in her first year of selling. She’s also a robot. Jessica Furseth visits her studio.
Words by Jessica Furseth. Photography by Pelle Crépin. Styling by David Nolan. Set Designer by Ben Clark. Hair & Makeup by Rebecca Rojas.

Ai-Da looks up from her worktable as I walk into her studio, locking eyes with me over her pencil and paper. She’s wearing a navy dress with a chevron pattern across the chest, and brown hair framing her expressive face. “I am glad you’ve come to visit me, ” she says, speaking in a slow, slightly stilted manner. This newcomer to the arts world has already attracted a lot of attention, with significant international appearances and sales exceeding a million


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Thirty-Five

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