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At Home With: Nanushka

Meet the bold couple who took their Budapest brand global.
Words by Laura Rysman. Photography by Zoltan Tombor.

Amid the churning tides of fashion, designers come and go in droves, all dreaming of inspiring the way we dress. The odds caution against it. I, for one, spent years attempting to forge an existence as a jewelry designer. “Many are called,” my father would warn me in his slowest, most ominous drawl; “few are chosen.” He was discouraging. He was also frustratingly correct.

What buoys the winning designers to a place in our wardrobes? Sandra Sandor, founder of the audaciously successful Budapest-based brand Nanushka, was raised on a rallying message. Her mother had launched one of the first privately operated lines of children’s clothing in Communist Hungary, defying some fairly perilous odds under a regime that discouraged such aspirations. Sandra started her own women’s clothing line in 2005—immediately after graduating from the London College of Fashion, forgoing the customary internship with an


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