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Brian Ng meets the Irish family making New York’s favorite furniture. Photography by Alex Wolfe.

Orior has always been a family business, but it was the pandemic that really brought it all back home to Newry, Northern Ireland. Ciarán McGuigan, the furniture brand’s creative director, had flown back from his base in New York in March 2020 to check out some prototypes at the factory. Katie Ann, his sister, who has her own fashion label, returned from London two days later. And then the world shut down.

It was “class” being back with the family, says Ciarán. “We appreciate it now because we aren’t teenagers being little shits.” The McGuigan family are lined up for our Zoom interview on one side of a dining table, Brian (their father) on the far left, followed by Ciarán, then Rosie (their mother) and Katie Ann. Their computer’s webcam is too narrow to take in this family portrait, so Ciarán spins the computer throughout the interview to face whoever is


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