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Chani Nicholas

& Sonya Passi

  • Arts & Culture
  • Issue 47

Inside the astrology company on a mission to prove workplace well-being is more than a corporate tagline.

Words by Jenna Mahale. Photography by Kourtney Kyung Smith.

At the very minimum, working full-time at Chani Inc.—the LA-based tech company behind the popular two-year-old astrology app Chani—will guarantee you a salary of $80,000. This figure, according to co-founder and CEO Sonya Passi, is “a wage that you can actually afford to live on in an expensive city.” “There’s so much noise about what wellness is,” she says. “For us, wellness is fundamentally rooted in an understanding that you cannot be well if you’re not financially secure.”

Chani’s commitment to workplace well-being goes far beyond the lip service paid by most companies. Employee provisions include unlimited vacation, unlimited menstrual leave and the offer of a $2, 000 wealth-building stipend. “We wanted to carve out a specific amount of money that was there for you to just invest in your future, ” Passi explains. Her wife and co-founder, the eponymous astrologer Chani Nicholas, who is president of Chani Inc., agrees. “You can’t be well unless your communities


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