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This might be one of the best burgers in Seattle; it’s definitely the best late-night burger. You can only get this sandwich after 10 p.m. and it’s the perfect hangover pill.

Ho Ho Seafood

I go here for the 1/2 barbecue duck, fried rice and bok choy with mushrooms. This place is on my route home from the airport, so whenever I travel I stop by and order take-out. It’s a big but quaint restaurant located in the heart of the International District. The owner is an older Chinese woman who may be the most cheerful host in town.

Mamnoon Restaurant

Mamnoon is one of my favorite places to eat—and one of my favorite places to bring out-of-town guests. It’s a Lebanese restaurant that offers something different in Seattle’s farm-to-table landscape. They make good food with big flavors and a great balance of spices. Besides the food, what makes Mamnoon special are the owners, Wassef and Racha; they’re my favorite owners in this city. At a party one night while my wife was pregnant, we were trying to think of baby names and Wassef came up with my son’s name, Akil. For that reason, he will forever be near and dear to my heart.


Brandon is one of the coolest guys in the city making some of the best pizza. When I was living in New York, I followed the story of how he and his wife, Molly, went about opening this neighborhood pizza place in Seattle. I finally got to meet them and they were both such cool people. Plus they make good pizza. Next door to Delancey is their bar, Essex, a great place to grab a cocktail before pizza.


When I need to be spoiled or celebrate, this is the place to go. There’s really not much that needs to be said about the landmark of Seattle’s culinary scene. Steeped in history, Canlis exudes elegance and great service with food to match. This the place where happy times begin and end.

Edouardo Jordan is owner and head chef at Salare Restaurant and was named one of Food and Wine‘s Best New Chefs of 2016.

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