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Florence Lopez lives in an apartment unlike any other. It is hers, but also, theoretically, yours, for most of the furniture and objects here are for sale. Lopez, an antiquarian, has been welcoming clients up four flights of stairs and into her apartment at Rue du Dragon in the 6th Arrondissement for over 25 years. What happens to the space once an item is sold? Lopez redesigns the interior biannually, or whenever a major piece is carted away. Today, the color scheme is dominated by shades of blue and green; a bed frame by George Nakashima abuts several Brazilian pieces from the 1950s, including a coffee table by Giuseppe Scapinelli. Indeed, the main wall is evocative of the designs of Roberto Burle Marx, a landscape architect whose work caught Lopez’s eye during a recent trip to Brazil. The next redesign of the space will take place in 2018.

Florence Lopez


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Twenty-Seven

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