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Best known for his elongated sculptures of human figures, Alberto Giacometti was also a skilled painter, and made money designing decorative objects. He came from an artistic family and was the oldest child of post-impressionist painter Giovanni Giacometti. Leaving Switzerland after finishing art school at the age of 21, Giacometti moved to Paris and spent time with other artists including Joan Miró, Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso. He channelled his interest in cubism and surrealism into the medium of sculpting, but broke from the modern expression of Auguste Rodin by developing his own distinctive style.

Now, an exhaustive new retrospective at London’s Tate Modern presents more than 250 of Giacometti’s works, including sculptures, plasters, drawings and paintings.

The exhibition Giacometti is on display until September 10, 2017.

Tate Modern
London, SE1 9TG
United Kingdom

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