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Home Tour:
Stephan Janson

How did an avowedly minimalist designer wind up as guardian of a Milanese temple to maximalism? Words by Laura Rysman. Photography by Christian Møller Andersen.

When Stephan Janson opens the door to the densely saturated wunderkammer that is his Milan home, the only sensible response is to gasp. A taxidermied alligator stares stiffly at you, mounted on a 17th-century gilt wood settee of ripped silk, bought for a pittance from an antiques market. A full-wall vitrine encloses a riot of feathers: African and Amazonian headdresses, Native American war bonnets, Chinese hairpieces. Floor-to-ceiling shelves of books—part of the apartment’s 25- year-old redesign by Roberto Peregalli—line every


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