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Julia Bainbridge

  • Arts & Culture
  • Issue 47

On the life-enhancing potential of not drinking alcohol.
Words by Ellie Austin. Photography by Emma Trim.

Julia Bainbridge’s official title is writer and author but it’s also fair to describe her as a trendsetter. Long before the pandemic brought conversations about the impact of social isolation to the fore, the former Bon Appétit editor was the creator and host of The Lonely Hour, an interview-based podcast about loneliness and solitude.

She was similarly prescient when it came to the rise of sober and sober-curious living. A few years ago, Bainbridge set off on a road trip across America to interview bartenders, drink experts and chefs and to discover unusual and delicious alcohol-free mixed beverages. The result was Good Drinks, a compendium of nonalcoholic recipes aimed at anyone rethinking their relationship with alcohol for whatever reason. (Bainbridge doesn’t drink alcohol and has previously described herself as coming from “a long


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