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“Someone else’s label on me is not really my narrative.” Kilo Kish is talking about being a black woman in the music industry but could just as easily be discussing her music, or any of her other creative pursuits. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter, model, designer and artist is as allergic to categorization as she is to predictability.

In her relatively short career, Kish (née Lakisha Kimberly Robinson) has already put out an LP (Reflections In Real Time, 2016) and three EPs (Homeschool, 2012; Across, 2014; Across Remixes, 2015); modeled for Lucky, Vice and Vogue; collaborated with Childish Gambino and The Internet; produced two capsule fashion collections; launched her lifestyle label, KSA; and curated Real—Safe, a performance and exhibition that debuted in July at HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles.


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