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Calder: Derechos de la Danza
Alexander “Sandy” Calder brought sculpture to life. Born in 1898, he created kinetic works of art that Marcel Duchamp christened “mobiles” because of their many moving parts. This catalogue—an extension of the 2015 exhibition Calder: Discipline of the Dance at Museo Jumex in Mexico City—includes nearly 100 reproductions of exhibited works as well as archival documentation.

A Very Merry Every Day Calendar
There’s a holiday for everything, A Very Merry Every Day sets out to illustrate. Styled as a desktop calendar for 2018 by Miyoko Okao, each perforated page (also viewable online) features a playful photograph by Machiko Odan related to an obscure annual celebration. Did you know January 14 was pastrami sandwich day, or that January 3 was national drinking straw day in the US?

Sentimental Journey 1971-2017 by Nobuyoshi Araki
In 1968, prolific Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki met his most important subject—his wife, the essayist Yoko Aoki. Aoki died in 1990; Sentimental Journey 1971-2017 is Araki’s loving retrospective of the couple’s powerful relationship, disclosing deeply intimate and quietly banal scenes from their marriage and revealing the continuing impact Aoki had on the photographer’s life even after her death.

Stationery by Craft Design Technology
Produced in Tokyo, Craft Design Technology’s collection of stationery brings together the three elements of its name in the service of creating “practical beauty”. Its pencil, the most everyday of objects, for example, is tinted byakuroku—a very pale green—for its evocation of spring buds.

Silver Plate by Arket
A weighty plate with a curved rim, this decorative piece of homeware is cast from brass and intended for display of jewelry or other small accoutrements. The plate is one of a family of products available through Arket, including a small silver bowl and a candlestick holder. Some items from the range are also presented in uncoated brass.

La Maison by Koto Bolofo
Over the course of seven years, Lesotho-born photographer and film director Koto Bolofo documented the secretive workshops of Parisian fashion house Hermès. Published in a boxed set comprising 11 volumes, Bolofo’s photographs of this time explore the relationship between technique and material, offering insight into the patience and precision required for true craftsmanship.

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