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My Favorite Thing

Designer Lucinda Chambers shares the story of her mother’s ring. Words by George Upton. Photograph by Alex Wolfe.

The first thing I notice about people is their hands, and whether they are gardeners or craftspeople. I think it resonates with me because I love working with my hands, even if I’m just doing papier-mâché or making a lampshade. It was something my mother instilled in me. I suppose styling is really just an extension of that.

Growing up we were a very crafty family. My mother did bookbinding and marbling, and my brother was a wonderful ceramicist. We would go to Harrods, measure the clothes and make them ourselves at home. When I left school, my mother and I went to art school together—in those days they gave you a grant that you didn’t have to pay back. My mother did amazingly well; I did unbelievably badly.


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