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A RITUAL FOR A NEW HAIRCUT Intention: To freshen, clean and protect your hair as it goes through a transition. Props: Olive oil, herbs, lemon. Ritual flow: 1. The morning before your haircut, get ready to take your last shower with your current hair style. 2. Before you do, take a small bowl of olive oil and mix in your favorite herbs—basil, mint, rosemary, sage or parsley. 3. Pour the oil and herbs over your head. Massage them into your hair. This is your protection mask before your cut. 4. After 20 minutes, take your shower and wash your hair. 5. Go to your haircut appointment. 6. When you come home, cut a lemon in half. 7. Squeeze it over your hair. This is the refresh.

Ritual Design Lab suggests new rituals to mark the petty losses and small triumphs that pass without ceremony.
Photography by Aaron Tilley. Set Design by Sandy Suffield.


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Thirty-Eight

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