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Olivier Krug

On the undersung art of Champagne pairing. Words by Daphnée Denis. Photograph by Luc Braquet.

Olivier Krug is the sixth-generation director of the Krug Champagne house. Since its founding in 1843, the house has prided itself on finding new ways to work in an industry governed by its  traditions. Most recently, under the watchful eye (and nose) of cellar master Julie Cavil, Krug has started a program pairing its Champagne with one simple ingredient each year, and commissioning chefs to create complementary recipes that elevate it. This year, it’s rice. 

Daphnée Denis: Can you tell me about your ancestor Joseph Krug’s founding dream: a Champagne cuvée that wouldn’t be affected by variations in climate?


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Forty-Four

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