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Osteria Sippi

Both: Ask any of our friends which restaurant we like the most and the answer is bound to be Osteria Sippi. We’ve spent so many Sundays here that we’ve come to consider it our second living room. Osteria Sippi represents everything that a meal should be: simple and rustic Italian references with wine from small Italian winemakers, imported directly by Alessandro Sippi. Cross your fingers that Ariel will be working when you go there—the music will be as spot-on as the food.

Brasserie Lamazere

Stijn: To me, Brasserie Lamazere embodies the archetypal Parisian bistro. With the owner—Regis Lamazere—playing the part of perfect host, the place has a warm atmosphere with quintessentially French dishes that never become boring or outdated. They’ve managed to find a delicate balance between fresh produce and rich portions with accurate execution, making them hit the high note on the price-to-quality ratio. Add to this a carefully curated offering of French wines and you’re all set.


Lode: Meierei is where I go to get a low-key breakfast—bread, butter, cheese, weißwurst, scrambled eggs and a cup of black coffee. Sandra and Hubert, the owners, serve simple Alps-inspired dishes; it’s the perfect place to start your day with quality food and the morning’s newspaper.

Adana Grill-Haus

Stijn: Post-service, we often head to Adana Grill-Haus—the place is perfect for a late-night dinner. You’ll find Turkish spots all over Berlin and we’re always brought into another state of mind when entering Adana with its tacky-cum-cozy interior. Our favorites here are the lamb ribs and the Adana kebab with a side of grilled eggplant and yogurt.


Lode: Entrecôte is a Berlin institution with its big dining room and ’90s French decor. As the name hints, meat is the focal point. We go here for the simplicity of a steak frites accompanied by a bottle of light red wine.

Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi are chefs and owners of Berlin restaurant Lode & Stijn.

Lode & Stijn
Lausitzer Str. 25
10999 Berlin

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