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Set Intention

How to distinguish ritual from routine. Words by Alia Gilbert. Photograph by Gustav Almestål. Styling by Andreas Frienholt.

The distinction between a “ritual” and a “routine” can oftentimes be blurred, given that both types of action share the descriptive commonality of regularity. Does a ritual have to include traces of spirituality or elements of one’s own cultural lineage? Can the same action be a ritual one day, and a routine the next? 

It’s easy to put our noses up at what other people call their “personal rituals, ” particularly on social media where people seem to be seeking outward validation for what you might logically imagine to be their most private habits. But Karen’s mug of coffee with a splash of hazelnut creamer on the porch every Sunday could be a ritual just as much as Celeste’s daily three-card tarot pulls and monthly brew of herbal medicine, passed down to her


This story is from Kinfolk Issue Thirty-Eight

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