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Issue 32

Kinfolk was founded in Portland and operates out of Copenhagen, but the magazine—and its ongoing exploration of quality of life—has long had roots in Japan. For the Tokyo Issue, we brought the expertise of our Shibuya-based editorial team together with the talents of our international contributors to present the city as we know it: one of navigable neighborhoods, courteous codes and cutting-edge culture.


Yoon Ahn

Meet the designer who made Tokyo her home, then took the city’s grunge-chic aesthetic to Dior—and the world.

He throws caution—and a vintage Hermès silk scarf—to the wind.

Le Chat Chic

Hey, kitty girl! Join us in the studio with Socrate—the Parisian glamour puss who always lands on his feet.


Coco O

Meet the singer who left her band, record label and life in Los Angeles to move home to Copenhagen and go solo.


Tokyo Rising

As daylight fades into the neon lights of night, Tokyo reflects its own glow.

Jean Tinguely And His Machine To Draw

Peer Review

Artist and co-founder of London’s Kinetica Museum Dianne Harris on the madcap genius of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely.

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