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Issue 35

There’s no way to predict when we’ll suddenly be confronted with a new pathway in life. For every positive gain attributed to the idea of change, such as self-improvement, bold adventuring or collective hope, there often follows the very human instinct to feel quite the opposite: fear, self-doubt and loss. The latest issue of Kinfolk explores how best to navigate the conflicting forces of change and stability.

Lee wears a dress by Christian Wijnants. All earrings by A.P.C.

Greta Lee

Greta Lee built her reputation playing charismatic outsiders in other people’s stories. Now, she’s writing her own.

Coat by Staud, dress by Tibi and earring by Joanna Laura Constantine.

Lindsay Peoples Wagner

Change your style. Change your industry. Change the outlook of the next generation. Kyla Marshell meets the trailblazing editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue


Maryam Nassirzadeh

The leader of New York’s most admired fashion set is just a cuddlebug who really, really likes her friends.

To encourage her son's aptitude for math, Urschel's mother would allow him to keep the change from shop visits if he could calculate it faster than the shopkeeper.

John Urschel

A bad concussion led John Urschel to reevaluate his career as an NFL pro. Robert Ito hears what happened next.

N413_AWA_Kinfolk_14-30 001

Lana Turner

A short stroll—and several wardrobe changes—with a woman who’s never tired of New York.

Ai-Da wears a silk scarf by Ludovic de Saint Sernin.


Meet Ai-Da. She’s a promising young artist who’s earned a million dollars in her first year of selling. She’s also a robot.

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