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Sun, shadow and light—a collaboration with Marset.
Words by Harriet Fitch Little.

Making a sundial is surprisingly simple. All you need is an upright stick and something to mark the way its shadow moves around it as the sun arches across the sky. You’ll need to check on the shadow every hour on the hour and mark its position—a small stone works well. Tomorrow, as sure as the sun will rise, the shadow will trace the very same path across the stones. 

In collaboration with Marset, we have taken this rudimentary experiment in a more artistic direction by using the Funiculí lamp as our dial, which is photographed here surrounded by the luscious growth and long light of Denmark’s summer. 

This powerful table lamp of lacquered iron, first designed in 1979 and reissued by Marset in 2013, can rotate 360 degrees to focus the light wherever you need it most. Of course, the Funiculí will better serve you indoors than in the garden. And, unlike a sundial, it won’t stop working the moment the sun dips below the horizon line.

This post was produced in partnership with Marset. 

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