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Despite the vaunted position of Tuscany in the popular imagination, the Maremma remains one of the least visited regions of Italy.

In Italy’s unruly Maremma, a handful of horsemen corral cattle at breakneck speeds.
Words by Laura Rysman. Photography by Andy Massaccesi.

In the southernmost stretch of Tuscany, known as the Maremma, wilderness still reigns. Beyond the manicured columns of cypress trees and pristine Renaissance villas that constitute the international image of this region, civilization exists in isolated clusters—the woodlands and marshes between them intimidatingly dense, and long considered inhospitable for all but the most tenacious souls. Where the wilderness meets the sea, rugged grasslands nourish the native Maremmana breed of broad-chested, lyre-horned cows, a species today protected by law, and guarded,


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