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The White Review Anthology

Since 2011, The White Review, eschewing rigid constraints like form and genre, has captured the attention of London and beyond with contributions from Anne Carson, Álvaro Enrigue, Samanta Schweblin and others. This anthology—their first—brings together 20 of the best fiction and nonfiction pieces published by the arts and literature quarterly.

Frama’s St. Pauls Eau de Parfum

Frama’s Apothecary Collection harkens back to 1878, when the Copenhagen design firm’s studio store was occupied by the St. Paul Apotek. Their premier eau de parfum evokes both the modern and the historic, as cedarwood, sandalwood and lemongrass mingle with subtler notes of citrus and lavender.

Margaret Howell silk scarf

British designer Margaret Howell’s clothing is meant to be lived in; the pleasure of her pieces derives from the texture of their carefully sourced fabrics and their functionality. With just a black border enclosing a brilliant white body, this silk scarf exemplifies Howell’s understated elegance.

The Coral Sea by Patti Smith

When photographer Robert Mapplethorpe died due to complications from AIDS, his dear friend Patti Smith could cry no longer. Instead, she wrote. These lyrical prose poems are at once hymn, elegy and biography—one friend, in her own way, saying goodbye to another.

Original Crown Mill stationery

Original Crown Mill stationery replicates a design from the courts of 17th-century Belgium. Though no longer produced by the monks at La Hulpe Monastery, this simple style, made of 100 percent cotton, remains an ideal medium for handwritten missives.

Ballet by Alexey Brodovitch

Discarding all conventions of photographing ballet dancers, photographer Alexey Brodovitch used over-exposure, extreme close-ups and other radical techniques when capturing Russian dance companies in the 1930s. The result is a uniquely intimate portrait, once again in print and accompanied by essays by Edwin Denby, Kerry W. Purcell and Jeffrey Ladd.

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