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Whether it’s raising a glass before a meal or to celebrate a special occasion, toasting as a symbolic act to honor a moment has persevered throughout the ages. Some people perform the ritual as a mark of good manners, while others see the tradition as an important part of their cultural heritage. Regardless of the reason, toasting has become a way to inject a sense of respect and camaraderie into a social gathering.

Although no one knows the exact origins of toasting, what we do know is that celebrations involving alcohol date back to the Neolithic period. “The term ‘toast’—the act of raising a glass during a festive celebration—gained popularity in the medieval times, ” explains Carolyn Panzer, director of corporate social responsibility for international alcoholic beverage company Diageo. “The name comes from the act of dropping a literal piece of spiced or charred bread into a cup or bowl of wine,

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