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Issue 47

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The Well-Being Issue

Boost your mind-body balance.

Boost your mind-body balance.

  • Fashion
  • Films

Farida Khelfa:
France’s fashion muse.

Words by Daphnée Denis. Photography by Luc Braquet. Styling by Giulia Querenghi. Set Design by Déborah Sadoun. Hair Styling by Yumiko Hikage. Makeup by Ludivine François. Styling Assistance by Alice Heluin-Afchain.

Current Issue
Boost your mind-body balance.
Selected Stories from Issue Forty-Seven
  • Fashion

Between Us

The world looks brighter among old friends.

The world looks brighter among old friends.

  • Interiors

Home Tour:

For nearly 50 years, architect Sergio Fernandez has found political purpose and refuge at his vacation home. Words by Agnish Ray. Photography by Marina Denisova.



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