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Issue Thirty-Nine

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  • Fashion


High-voltage encounters with Seoul’s restless dreamers.

High-voltage encounters with Seoul’s restless dreamers.

Elise By Olsen

What does the world’s youngest editor-in-chief do when they turn 21? Tom Faber interviews Elise By Olsen—the publishing maven who’s forcing the fashion industry to actually listen to the young people it fetishizes.


Grace Mahary

Kyla Marshell interviews the sommelier with a close to perfect palate—and a vision to change the industry.

  • Design

Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch’s ultimate design showroom is also his home of more than a decade. Annick Weber meets the man with the keys to the castle. Photography by Romain Laprade.

Current Issue
A new playbook for the young—and the young at heart.
Selected Stories

Nic Stone

How can a young adult fiction author tackle racism, inequality and incarceration—but not rob teen readers of their optimism?

Rabbi Abby Stein is the first publicly transgender woman to have grown up in the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community. She was interviewed in Issue Thirty-Eight, the Rituals Issue.

Note to Self

What advice would you give your younger self? An artist, a writer, a conductor, a curator, a rabbi and a robot pen missives to the past.

Kinfolk Dosan

A New Community Space in Seoul.

A New Community Space in Seoul.

The Kinfolk Long Listen

The Kinfolk Long Listen brings you audio recordings of longform essays first published in Kinfolk magazine.

A History of Bad Ideas
  • Arts & Culture

Think Back

A reexamination of nostalgia.

A reexamination of nostalgia.

The Kinfolk Print Collection

A new collection of art prints, produced in collaboration with ALIUM. Photography by Sofie Staunsager. Styling by Charlotte Skytte Daugbjerg.

Kill Time

The Hourglass

When we trace back the origins of the hourglass, we can’t find conclusive evidence of its existence before the 14th century.

Manhattan Memoirists

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