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Issue Forty-One

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Slower ways to see the world.

Slower ways to see the world.

Kinfolk Travel

Explore the art of mindful travel with the latest book from Kinfolk.

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The Ferry to Orcas Island

Arrive to Orcas Island via ferry and you’ll disembark feeling calm, curious and ready to embrace the slow drift into island time.

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At Work With:

Brian Ng meets the Irish family making New York’s favorite furniture. Photography by Alex Wolfe.

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Explore the other side of the seaside with Kinfolk.
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More from the Mediterranean
  • Arts & Culture

The Cowboys
of Tuscany.

In Italy’s unruly Maremma, a handful of horsemen corral cattle at breakneck speeds.

Despite the vaunted position of Tuscany in the popular imagination, the Maremma remains one of the least visited regions of Italy.

In Italy’s unruly Maremma, a handful of horsemen corral cattle at breakneck speeds.

The Kinfolk Print Collection

A new collection of art prints, produced in collaboration with ALIUM. Photography by Sofie Staunsager. Styling by Charlotte Skytte Daugbjerg.

Photograph: Guerin Blask / AUGUST.

Jane Goodall

From her perch in the tiny Tanzanian nature reserve of Gombe, primatologist Jane Goodall changed how we understand the nature of chimpanzees—and ourse


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